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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Is there a registration fee?

  • ‚ÄčAt this time there is no registration fee required.

Who supplies the food?

  • Food for the children is supplied by the parent's / guardians. Parents need to supply healthy lunches and snacks for their child on a daily basis. Things like formula or milk also need to be provided. We will supplement or provide food and snacks if needed, please let us know if you need help with this. We also ask that parents supply a water bottle to keep here at the center. As of right now we are NOT a nut free facility, so peanut  butter is welcome!

Will you administer medication if needed?

  • We do encourage that children are kept home if sick. There are specific guidelines that we follow to ensure the safety and health of all children and teachers. We will administer medication if the child is able to still participate in all areas that the program offers, including going out side. We do require medication to be in the original container and we do have a medication form for the parent/guardian to fill out.

Do you encourage parent involvement?

  • We do foster an open door policy where parents are invited into the program to share the experiences that their children enjoy. Inside classroom  you can experience that excitement, laughter and learning that occurs. Please also note that sometimes children do NOT do well having their parent around, and as much as you would like to be a part of the learning, it may not work within the classroom for you to be there.

Are the playgrounds checked for safety?

  • The front playground is checked daily for hazards and garbage. The back playground is checked as used for hazards and garbage, and it is also raked once a week to ensure there is appropriate coverage under the playground. The forest playground is also check on an as use basis.

Does my child have to go outside?

  • Yes! To maintain a healthy balance of exercise and fresh air we have all the children outside at least once per day (weather permitting). We do go outside in all weather types so it is important that your child comes wearing appropriate clothing as well as a spare set of clothing for their cubbies.

I am concerned about my child not being ready to attend all day kindergarten, can you help?

  • Yes. We encourage children to develop self help and problem solving skills. We encourage learning through play, but we also do provide structured activities such as circle time, art and creative play. We also provide age appropriate play to all children which promotes their cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development providing a smoother transition into kindergarten.

How often are the toys in the daycare cleaned?

  • Toy cleaning varies from room to room. The infant toddler room cleans and changes their toys weekly, while the multi age rooms may go a few weeks before changing themes and toys. Please keep in mind that during flu/cold seasons we do clean more frequently and toys that are mouthed/chewed on often are cleaned on a daily basis.

How do I enroll and reserve a space for my child at Stepping Stones?

  • First you must call to determine if there is availability. We can schedule a time for you and your child to come in and visit with us. During your visit you will learn more about our available programs which will help you to decide if you are comfortable with the caregivers, environment and the expectations. If you want to enroll your child then you would complete a registration forms and be put onto our wait list. Often we have sport open up in September when the older children head off to kindergarten. Come in and see us or give us a phone call to inquire about your needs and our wait list.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are grateful to the Province of BC for the funding we receive for the Parent Questions and our Early Child Development Services. Please use the form to ask any questions!

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