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Stepping Stones Childcare Centre

Wonder. Learn. Grow. 

Stepping Stones Centre operates year round from Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. We are an inclusive childcare centre which means that there are no restrictions on who can attend. Every child, regardless of their development, toileting, medical conditions or ability, is welcomed! 

Stepping Stones Childcare Center provides a wide variety of age-appropriate activities planned around a wide variety of themes. Children will engage in a balance of self-initiated and teacher -lead activities. They will also have opportunities to experience different indoor and outdoor settings that foster early development. The Early Childhood Education staff work as a team to ensure that each child's individual needs are met and that every child has a rich and diverse child care experience. Children engage is a variety of social and independent early learning experiences that include "Discovery Play", "Creative Play", "Early Learning and Literacy" and "Active Play".

Some of our Programs include:

Preschool Program -  We currently offer 2 Preschool Programs for children ages 2 1/2 - 5 years of age. Currently we have a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning class, as well as a Tuesday & Thursday morning class, parents also have the option of 5 days a week preschool. Classes run from 9:00-11:30 am.

In our Preschool program children are exposed to numbers, letters and shapes in a variety of ways such as calender, circle, sharing, felt board, cooking, science experiments, games etc, but more importantly, they learn how to socialize with their peers. Children learn to get along with others, solve problems, and contribute in activities such as circle time, sharing, group play etc. Children  will learn social skills such as empathy, compromising and how to be respectful to others. Preschool builds confidence and social responsibility by enabling children to experience everyday tasks such as putting dishes away, caring for pets, making decisions such as how they will spend their free time.  Preschool if for children to have fun while learning and acquiring the skills that helps them move on to kindergarten.

Multi-Age Room -   Stepping Stones currently has three multi age room. The multi age room has one staff member and can have up to 8 children with ages ranging from 0-5. The multi age provides a unique experience for all of the children, and can provide an environment resembling families or neighborhoods.  Multi age environment provides many opportunities for all of the children to learn and grow from each other while being able to build healthy relationships with each other and staff. Multi age still provides theme based activities, while still incorporating age appropriate activities for all of the children. Multi age provides all children with rules and routines but also cooperation between everyone.

​Infant & Toddler Room -     At Stepping Stones we have one Infant and Toddler room, the Infant Toddler room is for children ages 0-3. The "baby" room has a ratio of 1 staff for every 4 children. Like all of our programs, the baby room has simple rules and routines it follows. The baby room readys children to move onto the group room or the multi age room. The baby room also participates in theme based age appropriate activities for all of the young ones. The baby room also provides learning such as simple cooking (mixing etc) as well as circle, calender, art, outside play, walks etc.

Before / After school Program-  ​ The after school program is for children ages 5-12 who require care before and/or after school care. The after school program also runs on  professional development days, spring break and summer time. The after school program provides a wide range of activities including outdoor play, games, cooking,  art etc. The after school program also includes skill building such as communication, problem solving, social skills etc. The after school program also does adventures - bus rides to the beach, fish hatchery, coast guard, museum, water fun etc.

Summer Camp -   Summer Camp programs run in the months of July and August. We have one preschool aged program (ages 3-5). Summer themes vary each year, but camps are a week long. More information on these camps are posted closer to the summer. Summer camp often include art, field trips, social experiences and lots of fun!

Children's Programs